Virtual meanderings


When I read something online, I instinctively want to find out at least a little about the person behind it.

You too want to link the text to a personality. This is why you came to this page (and this is why I created it).

The thing you always want to know first is if the author is male or female. I am male.

Once you know the author’s sex, you try to figure the age. Teenagers perceive the world differently than twentysomethings. Twentysomethings perceive it differently than thirtysomethings, etc. Who wrote this text? How much should I trust their experience? Well, I am in my early thirties.

Now that you know those two, the third thing you would be curious about is origin.
And by origin I don’t mean a particular country, but the wider cultural sphere.

Different cultures award us with different upbringing and background. Different lifestyles, too.
If that was not the case, one major reason for going places would be gone. So, I am European.

Thank you for visiting my weblog. Enjoy it!


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