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Rise and then Fall (Luang Prabang Kuang Si)

      A traditional Lao water mill

      I got up at 9 o’clock in the morning. Outside the room in the hostel yard I heard some people talking about – maybe – going to certain nearby waterfalls outside Luang Prabang.

      The hostel manager was quite glad to help such a good idea (he could arrange a ride for us to the place and back for 25,000 kip each, e.g. $3). It suddenly felt like a plan for the day – a close encounter with Lao nature was too tempting to refuse. Yesterday had been the day of getting to know a bit about town, today would be the day of getting to know a bit about its surroundings. Everyone else felt the same way.

      Our means of transport soon came – a covered multi-purpose pick-up truck. It reminded me of the ubiquitous Chiang Mai red trucks, albeit one notch less sophisticated. All five of us waterfall prospectors hopped in and off we went. Who was in the back of that track? First, there was Ashley – 27, an African-American (in fact the only AA traveler I saw throughout the journey). Then there was Diego – a PhD student studying in California who said he was from Colombia (but was traveling on an US passport). Then one tall Australian guy, and a blond Irish (whose names, unfortunately, I am not able to recollect). And last but not least – myself.

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