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A tiger lover by day, a social animal by night

A tiger lover by day…

            Have you ever seen a Discovery Channel documentary about a tiger refuge in Thailand run by Buddhist monks? The Tiger Temple (Wat Phra Luang Ta Bua) – a place where tigers roam free without the danger of being shot in the rainforest, where orphaned tigers cubs get the chance to grow up rather than die of starvation. In case you have not, you might want to learn more about this unique place (or here – the official website). To tease you further, here is a photo from a monk/tiger daily routine:

Tiger Temple (Wat Phra Luang Ta Bua)


    I do not know about you, but to me that image seems like it came straight from Gary Larson’s cartoon series The Far Side.

Gary Larson The Far Side cartoon  Gary Larson The Far Side cartoon


    But let’s not get too distracted with Gary Larson’s hilarious cartoons – you can find a plethora of those online – and get back to the tiger theme.  Could it really be that the Tiger Temple was somewhere near Chiang Mai and I could visit it?

    Well, no. I had to settle for the second-best thing – the Tiger Kingdom – which is different from the Tiger Temple (as much as a temple is different from a kingdom). Unlike the Temple, the Kingdom is a for-profit organization, and they charge you a good entrance price. You might want to find out more about them here.

   So, how did I end up going to Tiger Kingdom in the first place? Just the previous day I had no idea that it even existed, and hence had no plans of visiting it. But I saw a poster at the hostel, and the poster looked, I kid you not, like this:


… and they threw virgins into cages with tigers…

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