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Riding the tube, Vang Vieng style

    Tubing is the attraction of Vang Vieng. Remember the old saying “When in Rome do what the Romans do”?  So, when in Vang Vieng you simply have to try the tubing! (Note: how come that no local Lao person ever goes tubing then? Shouldn’t this ring some bells in one’s head? “Interesting River Tube”, huh? Lessee…)

Tubing, Vang Vieng Laos

Tubing, Vang Vieng Laos


      The tubing experience is, hm…. perhaps a bit inflated. I don’t mean to say it is just hot air, but simply that it is somewhat overblown. OK, enough stupid puns. “Tubing” is basically going down the Nam Song river in an inflated tractor inner tire (and buying a T-shirt telling the world what you did afterwards… if you survived it, that is). Just type “vang vieng tubing” in Google and enjoy…

Google Search - Tubing Deaths

I do not think I will get tired any time soon of praising the beauty of Lao scenery. And Vang Vieng is a rare beauty – even by the Lao standards (did I say yet that Laos is the most beautiful country in South Eash Asia and possibly the whole world? I guess I did.)

In the tubing, Vang Vieng

In the tubing, Vang Vieng

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     So, enjoying this unsurpassed beauty from the unique perspective of a tractor tube  going downstream is the main reason why tubing has become such a tourist magnet in Vang Vieng. Right? Right?? Riight… the fact that the tubing crowd is made of Brits, Australians and Dutch people in their late teens or early twenties should make you think twice about that. What you do not see on the picture are the multitude of open air bars on both banks of the river where the tuber (tubist? tubitian? teletubby? tuborg? ) can stop to have a drink, dance, and do all kinds of “fun” things (mud pits with the buddies, anyone?). Then jump back on the tube (if some other evil tuborg did not steal it while one was not watching) and proceed further downstream. Read more of this post